FAQ for IBM Postdoctoral Trainees


Q: Who is eligible to apply for this position?

A: This position is available for postdoctoral researchers in quantum science interested in the experimental or theoretical implications of scaling superconducting qubit quantum information processing beyond the confines of a single chip in a single dilution refrigerator. We are seeking both experimental and theoretical applicants. To be considered, you must have already graduated from a Ph.D. program or have an anticipated graduation date.


Q: Where will I be working during this position?

A:  IBM Fellows are employed by one of the CQE’s member institutions, based on the research project. They collaborative nature of this position means that you may travel to other CQE institutions. Postdocs with collaborative research projects with IBM may spend up to a quarter of their time at IBM Research facilities in the US.


Q: What sort of benefits and expense coverage exist for this position?

A: In addition to healthcare benefits, Postdocs receive a $5,000 discretionary fund per year, allowing them, among other things, to travel and participate in seminars and conferences which interest them. Funding from IBM is administered through the CQE Member hiring institution.


Q: What should be included in the cover letter?

A: The cover letter should include a statement of research interests, including research goals, plan, and potential CQE mentors whose work aligns with these goals. Note: Applicants will be asked to suggest potential mentors from multiple CQE member institutions ((UChicago, Argonne, Fermilab, UIUC, UW-Madison, and Northwestern).


Q: What is the hiring timeline?

A: The hiring timeline is flexible. Applicants are encouraged to submit as early as possible. When five outstanding candidates are identified the application will be closed. The application portal will remain closed until more postdoc positions are available.


Q: How long will this Postdoc last?

A: The Postdoc term is not defined, enabling the postdocs and the research project to drive the length of the collaboration. IBM is committed to supporting the program for five years.


Q: What are the IP provisions for the research?

A: Any IP that is developed by the Postdoc is provided to both the employing CQE member and IBM via a nonexclusive, royalty-free license.


Updated April 22, 2021.