Member and Partner Events

The Chicago Quantum Exchange organizes events throughout the year to promote academic collaboration and information exchange across the quantum information science community. These events enable researchers and students at our member and partner institutions to learn from one another and to hear from some of the most prominent quantum researchers around the globe.

If you are a CQE member or corporate partner and would like to access these events, contact For information on previous events, visit the CQE calendar.

*Due to COVID-19, all CQE Seminars will be held virtually until otherwise noted.

Member and Partner Workshops

The CQE regularly hosts workshops dedicated to bringing together leading experts in emerging fields of quantum information science and engineering to discuss interesting and exciting emerging technologies, challenges and opportunities. These workshops are often interactive with substantive discussions and exploration of collaborations.

CQE Seminar Series

The CQE Seminar Series consists of 60-minute presentations by thought leaders and prominent researchers from across the world. The series, which rotates among CQE member universities and national laboratories, invites these individuals to present the latest research and findings to CQE members and corporate partners. Participation from CQE members and partners is encouraged.

CQE Research Briefings
CQE Research Briefings are 30-minute webinars meant to quickly communicate new science to the CQE member and partner community and open up opportunities for future collaboration. Briefings include a short synthesis of an upcoming or recent publication by a CQE scientist, discussion of potential future directions and a Q&A with the audience. Virtual participation is invited from across the CQE member and partner communities to brainstorm future academic/national lab/industry collaborations.



Quantum Feature Maps for the NISQ Era Workshop 

Host: Chicago Quantum Exchange

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From Active Qubit Reset to Quantum Error Correction: ground-breaking quantum computing experiments revisited using new control paradigm and a standard programming language 

Host: Chicago Quantum Exchange


CQE Seminar Series: Alireza Seif, University of Chicago 

11 a.m. Central

Host: University of Chicago

Title: Compressed Sensing Measurement of Long-Range Correlated Quantum Noise 


CQE Seminar Series: Tommaso Calarco, Peter Grünberg, Institute at Forschungszentrum Jülich  

11 a.m. Central

Host: Northwestern University

Title: Building the second quantum revolution by training Schrödinger cats, from very fat to very fast


CQE Seminar: Warren Grice, Qubitekk

11 a.m. Central

Host: University of Chicago

Title: A Commercial Perspective on Quantum Networks


CQE Briefing: David Awschalom, University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory, and Kevin Miao, University of Chicago

11 a.m. Central 

Title: Universal Coherence Protection in a Solid-State Spin Qubit

Citation: Universal coherence protection in a solid-state spin qubit. Kevin C. Miao, Joseph P. Blanton, Christopher P. Anderson, Alexandre Bourassa, Alexander L. Crook, Gary Wolfowicz, Hiroshi Abe, Takeshi Ohshima, David D. Awschalom. Science 13 Aug 2020. View paper


CQE Briefing: Marco Govoni, Argonne National Laboratory

11 a.m.

Title: Quantum simulations of materials on near-term quantum computers

Citation: Quantum simulations of materials on near-term quantum computers. View paper.


CQE Briefing: Yuri Alexeev, Argonne 

11 a.m.

Title: Learning to Optimize Variational Quantum Circuits to Solve Combinatorial Problems

Citation: Learning to Optimize Variational Quantum Circuits to Solve Combinatorial Problems, Sami Khairy, Ruslan Shaydulin, Lukasz Cincio, Yuri Alexeev, Prasanna Balaprakash. To appear in the proceedings of the Thirty-Fourth AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI). View paper


CQE Briefing: Shimon Kolkowitz, University of Wisconsin-Madison 

11 a.m.

Title: Understanding sources of decoherence in nitrogen-vacancy centers

Description: A discussion of Fast Relaxation on Qutrit Transitions of Nitrogen-Vacancy Centers in Nanodiamonds and new results.

Citation: Fast Relaxation on Qutrit Transitions of Nitrogen-Vacancy Centers in Nanodiamonds. A. Gardill, M.C. Cambria, and S. Kolkowitz. Phys. Rev. Applied 13, 034010. View paper


CQE Seminar: Emily Stamm, Allstate and CyberSecurity Non-Profit 

11 a.m. Central

Host: University of Chicago

Title: Mathematics of Post-Quantum Cryptography & the CyberSecurity Non-Profit


CQE Seminar: Sophia Economou, Virginia Tech 

11 a.m. Central

Host: Fermilab

Title: Efficient variational quantum eigensolvers for NISQ hardware 


CQE Seminar: Ezekiel Johnston-Halperin, Ohio State 

11 a.m. Central

Host: Northwestern University

Title: Quantum Magnonics in V[TCNE]2