The Chicago Quantum Exchange partners with companies, national laboratories, and others to provide training opportunities for CQE students and trainees, including internships and collaborative research opportunities, that expose them to a broad array of experiences in industrial, academic, and government facilities.


Argonne National Laboratory

Annually, Argonne National Laboratory seeks undergraduate and graduate summer students to work on research in the field of quantum information science. We have openings in a large variety of projects related to development of novel quantum algorithms, new error correction and mitigation techniques, quantum simulators to model quantum devices, highly parallelized quantum simulators, and quantum compilers, to name a few. Students only from US accredited universities are encouraged to apply.

Students interested in an internship at Argonne National Laboratory are encouraged to apply every winter. The deadline for summer 2020 applications have passed. Please check back in the fall for application instructions for summer 2021.


Quantum Opus

Quantum Opus, a corporate partner of the Chicago Quantum Exchange, is now accepting applications for internships.

The company, located in Novi, Michigan, develops novel products and services that enable researchers to make single-photon measurements with unmatched sensitivity, speed, and precision. It’s Opus One™ multi-channel near-infrared photon detector system operates with greater than 80 percent detection efficiency.

Interns are desired to improve the company’s low-loss, high-speed photon detectors, superconducting nanowire single-photon detectors, and custom engineering solutions for nanowire response, mid-infrared photon counting, custom cryogenic systems, and integration with waveguides and photonic chips, which will enable next-generation experiments in quantum optics, optical quantum computation, single-photon communication, low-flux biophotonics, and remote sensing.

Interested undergraduate or graduate students should send a resume and cover letter to, explaining why they are interested in working with Quantum Opus, their areas of interest, and their unique expertise.



IBM  Quantum  is  now  accepting applications for undergraduate and graduate student researchers, developers, and engineers to become IBM Quantum interns in  2021. IBM Quantum is an industry first initiative to build universal quantum computers for business, engineering and science. This effort includes advancing the entire quantum computing technology stack and exploring applications to make quantum broadly usable and accessible. With a worldwide network of Fortune 500 companies, academic institutions, researchers, educators, and enthusiasts, we are committed to driving innovation for our clients in the IBM Q Network and the Qiskit Community. 

IBM Quantum interns will be part of a team whose mission is to prototype, test and release new technologies for the world to use. As an IBM Quantum Research Intern, you will collaborate with a multi-disciplinary, global team of developers, designers, researchers, and engineers to bring new features to life. 

Students at CQE institutions who are interested in an IBM internship should send an email  after and CQE members will help facilitate their application. 

HRL Laboratories

HRL Laboratories, LLC is a research and development laboratory that specializes in advancing ultra-high-performance circuitry, robust computing and communications, automated data extraction, innovative architected materials, and quantum information technology. Experienced undergraduate and graduate students interested in all areas of quantum information technology are encouraged to apply for an internship at the scenic Malibu laboratory location which originated world-changing inventions such as the self-aligned gate MOSFET (SAGFET) and the laser.

HRL’s internship program is designed to provide students with valuable hands-on technical experience working alongside some of the world’s leading experts in the fields of quantum devices, advanced packaging, high speed electronics, scaled nanotechnologies, and more.

Internships are paid, highly technical assignments with year-round availability. Temporary housing and travel/relocation benefits will be provided.

Projects include developing and operating tools to simulate device physics and quantum state evolution, designing software to operate and analyze semiconducting quantum devices, conducting cryogenic measurements of silicon spin qubit devices, working with a team of scientists to build a cutting-edge cryogenic test laboratory, and developing and performing free-space, fiber, and chip-scale quantum optics experiments.

Internships are available throughout the year. CQE students interested in an internship at HRL are encouraged to send an email to after applying through the HRL Laboratories portal for CQE members to facilitate their application. Be sure to continue checking HRL’s Careers portal as more internships will be posted.


Applied Materials

Applied Materials, Inc., a corporate partner of the Chicago Quantum Exchange, is now accepting applications for a Quantum Computing and Materials Technology Intern for Fall 2020 and beyond.

Applied Materials, Inc., is the leader in materials engineering solutions used to produce virtually every new chip and advanced display in the world. Applied’s expertise in modifying materials at atomic levels and on an industrial scale can help enable technology advancements across a broad range of applications.

The intern will be responsible for kicking off Applied Materials’ technology exploration in the Quantum Computing and Si photonics domains, looking for specific segments and HVPs to target, making predictions about the market. The internship should result in an actionable plan for the Chief Technology Officer team to go-to-market. The internship will take place virtually.

Graduate students interested in applying should have a background in physics, computer science, or engineering with some experience in business. Interested candidates should apply by contacting Nir_Yahav at amat dot com.


Rigetti Computing

Rigetti Computing is seeking an undergraduate or Master’s student interested in the development of cloud-deployed quantum computers. The intern will be embedded into a core technical teams: Hardware, Software, or Quantum Engineering. In collaboration with technical staff, the intern will complete a project in one of the following areas: microwave engineering, cryogenic systems, nanofabrication, superconductivity, machine learning, quantum error correction, quantum optics, quantum and classical processor architectures, digital and analog signal processing, and quantum operating system software development.


Help educate next-generation quantum engineers

If you are interested in becoming a partner of the Chicago Quantum Exchange and providing opportunities to CQE trainees, please contact