Travel Awards: Considering the Societal and Ethical Impacts of Quantum Computing and AI

For this Travel Award, preference will be made to those who have made noteworthy progress in their careers. This includes those who demonstrate great potential, as well as those with considerable accomplishments in their field. The award partially covers travel expenses to attend a scientific conference or workshop, including conference fees, travel, lodging, and food for the duration of the workshops.

Maximum Award Allocation: $500

Eligibility: Priority for this funding will be given to early-career participants (graduate students, postdocs, or others) and individuals from minoritized and underrepresented groups.

Application materials:

  • A CV 
  • A short (one-page maximum) statement of interest. The statement of purpose should describe the applicant’s interest, and purpose, and objectives for attending the workshop. The applicant should note how their participation will benefit them professionally and contribute to achieving their professional long-term goals.

Award Policies/Criteria:

  • Applications are reviewed by considering the purpose/benefits for the applicant in attending the conference/workshop, the applicant’s objectives, and the potential for continued success in the field.

Please apply online.