When Technology Transforms Society: Considering the Societal and Ethical Impacts of Quantum Computing and AI

Quantum computing and artificial intelligence are currently making significant technical progress, with commensurate interest from the public, media outlets, funding agencies, and corporate partners. Stakeholders frequently point to the potential of these technologies to “transform society,” but what does this mean, practically? Should we, as researchers, anticipate the social, political, and ethical consequences of our work and steer our research programs accordingly? Can we draw from scholarship in the social sciences and the humanities to inform understanding of the distributional impacts of our programs? This workshop will explore these questions and develop collaborations across disciplines, institutions, and key stakeholders who may be able to help responsibly steer the evolution of these revolutionary technologies in ethical and socially beneficial ways.

Schedule of Events

  • October 29: Fermilab Special Colloquium
  • October 30: Public Evening Event
  • October 31-November 1: Workshop

More Information Coming Soon


With support from the Kavli Foundation

In partnership with the Center for Data and Computing at the University of Chicago

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