2021 CQE Member and Partner Workshop

April 19-20, 2021


CQE Members, Partners, and Trainees are welcome to join a CQE-wide workshop on April 19 and 20, 2021. The workshop will provide opportunities to hear from CQE Partners; engage in technical discussions spanning quantum communication, sensors and detectors, and quantum computing and algorithms; and hear trainees from across the CQE present their work..

A VIRTUAL EVENT – All times in Central Time 


April 19 (Day 1) Agenda 
10:00 – 10:05 am  Opening Remarks 
10:05 – 12:00 pm  Short Talks from CQE Partners
CQE Partners can register to give a talk here (register by April 12, 2021)
Confirmed Speakers:

  • TBA
  • Brad Coyle (Hamamatsu)
    • sCMOS Camera technology
  • Sieu Ha (HRL Laboratories)
    • The SLEDGE quantum dot qubit platform
  • Cole Johnson (P33)
    • Innovation, Commercialization, and Building the Regional Quantum Ecosystem
  • Emily Stamm (Protiviti)
    • Stock Classification VQC Implementation
  • Pranav Gokhale (Super.tech)
    • Write Once, Target All: Bridging the Gap from Quantum Hardware to Applications
  • Ezekiel, Johnston-Halperin (The Ohio State University)
    • Highly coherent quantum magnonics using molecular materials
  • Siamak Dadras (TOPTICA Photonics Inc.)
    • TOPTICA’s Contributions to the QISE Community
  • Terry Cronin (Toshiba)
  • Jan, Benhelm (Zurich Instruments)
 12:00 – 1:00 pm  Break
1:00 – 2:40 pm  Technical Breakouts and Discussions 
Quantum Communication

  • Organizers: Paul Kwiat (UIUC) and David Awschalom (UChicago/Argonne)
  • Invited speakers: Jake Covey (UIUC), Tian Zhong (UChicago)

Sensors and Detectors

  • Organizers: Alex High (UChicago) and Yoni Kahn (UIUC)
  • Invited speakers: Mikael P. Backlund (UW-Madison), Daniel Bowring (Fermilab), Jennifer Choy (UW-Madison), Juan Estrada (Fermilab), Danna Freedman (Northwestern), Randall Goldsmith (UW-Madison), Salman Habib (Argonne), Bill Halperin (Northwestern), Roni Harnik (Fermilab), Liang Jiang (UChicago), Shimon Kolkowitz (UW-Madison), Joe Lykken (Fermilab), Peter Mauer (UChicago), Erik Shirokoff (UChicago), Dale Van Harlingen (UIUC), David Vinayak (Northwestern)

Quantum Computing

  • Organizers: David Schuster (UChicago) and TBD


  • Organizers: Yuri Alexeev and Jeffrey Larson (Argonne)
  • Invited speakers: Giulia Galli (UChicago/Argonne), Ruslan Shaydulin (Argonne), Bryan Clark (UIUC)
2:40 – 3:00 pm  Report Back
End of Day 1


April 20 (Day 2) Agenda
1:00 – 1:05 pm  Opening Remarks 
1:05 – 3:00 pm  Trainee Talks
CQE Trainees (from any CQE Member institution) can register to give a talk here (register by April 12, 2021)
Confirmed Speakers:

  • Ankur Agrawal, Graduate student (UChicago)
    • Superconducting Qubit Advantage for Dark Matter (SQuAD)
  • Christopher Anderson, Postdoc (UChicago)
    • Creating quantum communication nodes with scalable semiconductors
  • Nicholas LaRacuente, Postdoc (UChicago)
    • Combining Decay Rates for Decoherence & Random Unitaries
  • Ian Mondragon-Shem, Postdoc (Argonne National Laboratory)
    • Leveraging many-body scars as quantum sensors of imperfections in quantum simulators
  • Baris Ozguler, Postdoc (Fermilab)
    • Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm with Qudits on Superconducting Radio Frequency Cavity-Transmon System
  • Pedro Rivero, Graduate student (Argonne National Laboratory)
    • An optimal quantum sampling regression algorithm for variational eigensolving in the low qubit number regime
  • Huma Yusuf, Graduate student (The Ohio State University)
    • Exploring a quantum-information-relevant magnonic material: ultralow damping at low temperature in the organic ferrimagnet V[TCNE]x
End of Day 2