University of Chicago Department of Computer Science

May 27. 2021

Three UChicago CS papers advancing the field of quantum computing were recognized by the prestigious IEEE Micro Top Picks roundup of the best research from 2020 computer architecture conferences. The studies describe new methods for overcoming challenges in error correction and size constraints for the next wave of quantum computers, shortening the gap to practical and innovative uses of this exciting new technology.

paper led by graduate students Casey Duckering and Jonathan Baker received the Top Pick designation from the journal, while two papers led by graduating PhD student Yongshan Ding were given honorable mention. All three studies come from the research group of Seymour Goodman Professor of Computer Science Fred Chong, the director of the NSF-funded Enabling Practical-scale Quantum Computation (EPiQC) expedition.

Together, the three papers develop new approaches in hardware and software to make quantum computers less error-prone and more efficient, critical steps to tap into the potential of these architectures for studying physics, chemistry, cryptography and other applications. From “2.5-dimensional” qubit memory to improving “garbage collection” in quantum systems with uncomputation, to reducing errors through frequency tuning; these creative ideas hold great promise in the rapidly growing field.

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Image Caption: Fault-tolerant architecture with random-access memory local to each transmon. (from Duckering et al.)