UChicago Department of Computer Science

<I>February 5, 2021</I>

In recent years, the field of quantum information science has progressed rapidly from theory to application. The most prestigious conference in the field — the international Conference on Quantum Information Processing, or QIP — has followed suit, expanding to feature research on the foundations of emerging quantum technologies in areas such as computing, sensing, and communication.

At UChicago, quantum researchers explore all of these areas along the continuum from theory to experimentation. This year, the excellence of that work was recognized at QIP, which accepted an impressive seven talks with UChicago authors. The presented research spanned not only several different thrusts of quantum research at UChicago, but also multiple units, including the Department of Computer Science, the Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering (PME), and the Chicago Quantum Exchange (CQE).

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