The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory was recently awarded a total of $4.15 million for research in quantum computing and networking as part of the 2019 Advanced Scientific Computing Research (ASCR) Quantum Computing and Quantum Network Awards. The awards will fund three multi-year projects in an effort to secure the nation’s leadership in the field of quantum information science.

The three projects aim to advance the development of quantum computing and networking, from quantum-driven algorithms, programming languages, compilers and debugging approaches to metropolitan-scale quantum networks that take advantage of existing fiber optic connections.

Scientists from Argonne’s Mathematics and Computer Science (MCS) division and Computing, Environment and Life Sciences (CELS) directorate will participate in two of the projects in ASCR’s Accelerated Research in Quantum Computing (ARQC) category. One of the projects, titled ​Fundamental Algorithmic Research for Quantum Computing (FAR-QC),” is a multi-disciplinary collaboration between the national laboratories, academia and industry that aims to better understand the significance of the potential impact of quantum computing.

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