Northwestern University joins Chicago Quantum Exchange

Collaboration is next step in advancing quantum information science expertise

Chicago Quantum Exchange, IBM Q Network partner to advance quantum computing

Collaboration to accelerate joint research and help train tomorrow’s quantum engineers

University of Wisconsin-Madison joins Chicago Quantum Exchange

UW-Madison adds expertise to hub for research and development of quantum technology

Argonne researchers develop new method to reduce quantum noise

New approach has implications for the future of quantum information science

Quantum network to test unhackable communications

Argonne, Fermilab, UChicago to create one of world’s longest fiber-optic links to ‘teleport’ information


The race to develop quantum technology is getting crowded

June 24, 2019

Quantum mechanics looks at how particles smaller than atoms interact. At this minuscule scale, entirely different laws of physics apply. But in the global race to develop quantum technology, the U.S. is competing in an increasingly crowded field. NewsHour Weekend’s Christopher Booker reports

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The young physicist creating matter from light
June 21,2019

Growing up, Jonathan Simon loved playing Dungeons & Dragons — but not because the game involved elves, orcs or other fantastical creatures. It was all about the dice: Rolling them determined the outcome of every action. “What I thought was cool was that someone had gone through the effort of making rules to determine how a universe worked,” he says.

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CQE launches postdoctoral training program

The Chicago Quantum Exchange is launching a postdoctoral training program in QIS that closely links academia and industry to address the current and future needs of the field. With IBM as an initial partner, CQE member institutions will work with IBM Q scientists and...

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Quantum sound waves to open doors for more powerful sensors

In a first, scientists with the University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory have built a mechanical system—a tiny “echo chamber” for sound waves—that can be controlled at the quantum level, by connecting it to quantum circuits.

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2018 Chicago Quantum Summit draws experts from industry, government, and academia

The 2018 Chicago Quantum Summit, on September 8 – 9, 2018 convened leading experts in quantum information and computing from academia, industry, and government for a robust discussion on the future of the field.

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Unleashing a world of quantum opportunities

Moore’s law is bringing us to the physical limits of conventional computing. Thankfully, the DOE National Labs and world-class researchers specialize in breaking boundaries and opening possibilities.

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2019 Illinois Quantum Computing Summer School

Jun. 17-20, 2019
4th floor of 200 S. Wacker Drive

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Jun. 24-27, 2019
Tenth International School and Conference on Spintronics and Quantum Information Technology
Chicago, IL

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